Kent Eugene Goolsby

Kent Eugene Goolsby - Temper Of The Times

“The greatest distance to be done is between a man’s heart and his actions” - from The Stone

Smokey and spirited, the new album Temper Of The Times is an Americana send-up from East Nashville, Tennessee singer/songwriter Kent Eugene Goolsby. With a weathered voice and timeless themes, Temper Of The Times comes fully realized as a dense, yet catchy collection of songs about the transitional moments that come to define our lives. With lines like “You never know what it takes to survive - until you’ve lived” - from “Rock Of Ages” and “An old man's days are hours... and youth seemed so routine” - from “Time Of My Life”, Kent romanticises the journey rather than the destination.

    Influenced by such musical heavyweights as Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylan as well as southern authors Cormac McCarthy & Larry Brown -Temper Of The Times finds Kent at his most lyrically ambitious, while grounding the sound in 70’s era production. Rollicking guitars give way to scorched earth, Neil Young-like solos and a grooving rhythm section punctuates the album throughout.

    While the lingering significance of being raised in a small Tennessee town weaves its way throughout the album (“We were subject to superstition and measured by myths - We had big ideas but a small town address” - from “Beyond The Frame”), it’s presence is distilled through a decade of songs, shows and seeking. Temper Of The Times is an album for the seekers, those who believe the journey is far from over.


Kent Eugene Goolsby - Vocals, Guitar

Steve Daly - Guitar

Dan Eubanks - Bass

Joey Kneiser - Drums, Percussion

Anna Leigh Goolsby - Vocals

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Joey Kneiser


Copyright 2016 Kent Eugene Goolsby