Kent Eugene Goolsby

The Stone



There's a graveyard of mysteries

In the heart of every man

Wonders that have ceased

Once eyes have laid upon them


But the seekers keep the faith

Because they know what’s at stake

If you call off the search

How will you find your way?


The stone

You leave unturned

It carries the most weight

And should you dare to lift it

May you find glory


The greatest distance to be done

Is between a man’s heart and his actions

And those that follow through

Love with nothin’ left to prove


And when there’s no thread left to pull

And the way is as narrow as it is dull

Leave your boots by the door

You won’t need them anymore


May curiosity be your currency

And may you love as if it's all you've known

Leave those doubts where you found them

Cuz they can’t help you lift

Copyright 2016 Kent Eugene Goolsby